IGN’s ‘Biggest Hits’ list, 2018: Biggest Hits!

IGN’s “Biggest Hit” list features the most important games, events, and other highlights from each year since IGN launched.It’s a list of the biggest hits of the year, and there’s plenty of content to choose from.The IGN Biggest Hit list, for instance, is loaded with the likes of the Call of Duty: WWII remake and […]

How to deal with the social media dilemma

When the social-media craze of the past few months kicked off, there was a lot of concern over how we all managed to get through the whole ordeal without going through the hassle of a lawyer.The Irish Government has made it clear that it will not accept a social media lawyer. But what if I want […]

How to keep your Facebook friends happy

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all full of people who love to complain.And they love to say it loud and clear.The social media companies are full of angry people who feel like they are getting the short end of the stick.They feel they’re being treated like dirt, even if they’re not.They can’t complain because they’re […]

How to Read Twitter’s Trending Topics

Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms are beginning to make more of an effort to enforce stricter rules about how their platforms handle stories and content.This isn’t news, but Twitter and Facebook are beginning by cracking down on what it calls “hate speech.”The companies have been rolling out new rules that will require companies […]


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