How to make friends with parler on Facebook

A new social media tool aimed at making friends with the likes of President Donald Trump has made headlines in recent days.The tool, parler, allows users to upload a photo and name a friend to the site and tag it as a friend on Facebook.The name is part of a series of keywords that are […]

How to Get Google to Make the Internet Safe Again

Google has announced a new algorithm to combat the spread of malware and malware-related threats, including one that will remove some of the social media filters that are used to limit what people can see on the internet.Google said in a blog post Monday that the social network filters have been “outmoded” and replaced with […]

How to make a ‘social media warrior’

The NFL is going after the social media warrior.It is the league’s plan to take on Twitter and Facebook.The league wants to get its message out as fast as possible in order to increase the odds that it will get a Super Bowl ticket.The NFL has set up a Twitter and Instagram account to promote […]

How to Hack Facebook and Google for Profit

Parler is the leading social media marketing company for small businesses.Parler has developed innovative online marketing programs to deliver compelling social media content for your business.Parlers latest marketing efforts include social media advertising campaigns for schools, colleges, hospitals, and other institutions, social media ads for medical equipment companies, and social media for sports teams.Parleys success […]

Why your social media account may be getting hacked

Why your Facebook account may have been hacked?It’s one of the most common questions you may be asked in a hacked Facebook account.We’ve seen it before.The answer to that question is simple: you don’t know.And it can happen to you.In fact, most people who get hacked don’t even know what happened.This article explores the risks […]

When your computer and the internet go down

A computer that has to go offline because of a power outage might not even know it is down until the power goes out and it is unable to get internet connectivity.That is because a computer system or network is not an independent unit that can automatically shut down when the power is cut.So, the […]


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