Why can’t you just say ‘I love you’ instead of ‘I’m gay’?

The concept of gay marriage is not new.

It’s not an issue that’s being debated in Canada, where same-sex couples can marry in the country’s three provinces.

It was a central issue in the U.S. Supreme Court’s landmark gay marriage decision in June.

And as we all know, the Canadian government has always been supportive of same-gender couples.

But there’s something missing from Canada’s approach: the word ‘gay’.

“There is nothing about the definition of ‘gay’ that has changed in Canada,” said Matt DeClerque, the director of the Gender and Sexuality Research and Policy Program at the University of Ottawa.

“It’s the term itself that’s changed.

It may be a little more inclusive of sexual orientation and gender expression, but it’s still not the same thing.””

What people would call it, in Canadian culture, is not the ‘same sex,'” DeClersque said.

“The term ‘gay’, in the same way that it has been used in the United States, it’s not a gay marriage.”

The Canadian government doesn’t recognize same- sex marriages or same- gender couples as valid, legal, or recognized.

And while the federal government recently changed its rules on same-day same-gendered weddings, it still won’t recognize them as valid.

The fact that the government is not accepting same- sexual couples’ marriage certificates, as well as same- age same-parented marriages, is frustrating for many, including gay couples.

“The issue of same sex marriage is an incredibly important one and it’s something that’s been in the news for a long time and we don’t have the same kind of discussion about it as we do with marriage,” DeClesque said, adding that it’s a very sensitive issue for people who are queer and gender diverse.

“It’s just really frustrating for people.”‘

I don’t think the term ‘LGBTQ’ is accurate’It’s also a confusing issue for Canadians because they’re not familiar with it.

Many Canadians who have been in relationships with other people of the same gender say they didn’t fully understand the concept of LGBTQ, or LGBTQ+ until they moved to the country.

“There’s not enough space in our society to discuss the concept or to be able to understand it,” said Lauren Hinton, a transgender woman who lives in Toronto.”I don


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