‘Social Media Is the New Oil’ for Digital Media

Next Big Futures is a brand new venture created by social media company Next Big Media to create a new platform for sharing digital content and content in the future.

With Next Big future, the company aims to provide the world’s content creators with the tools and tools to be able to create more efficient, relevant, and engaged digital content.

With the social media platform Next Big, the platform is aimed to provide content creators, content publishers, and advertisers with the ability to better serve audiences in a more efficient and engaging manner.

In an interview with Next Bigfuture, founder, Daniel Levenson, said that the new platform is intended to help creators, publishers, content creators and advertisers “grow faster and to deliver better content to their audiences in the long run.”

“Our vision is to create an efficient platform that allows content creators to get their content to consumers faster, while also ensuring that the platform remains affordable and sustainable for both content creators as well as advertisers,” Levensons mission statement reads.

“This platform will allow content creators that have never been able to reach the same level of quality before to reach audiences faster and more efficiently.”

The platform’s design, which is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive to use, allows users to easily navigate through the content they publish.

It will also be able provide content publishers and advertisers the ability for users to post content in various formats including video, images, audio, video, audio and text.

According to Levenons vision, the content on the platform will be able “enable the growth of content creators while at the same time delivering the content that consumers want.”

Next Big Future’s goal is to offer an “end-to-end” platform that will be accessible to both content producers and content publishers.

Levenssons vision includes creating a platform that provides an “easy-to use and intuitive” experience for users that can help content creators reach their audiences faster, and a platform to be more affordable for content publishers to operate.

In order to provide this service, the Next Big project will offer a series of features, including the ability “to create, share, and manage user-generated content.”

The company said that users will be rewarded for their efforts by having their content “become more discoverable and shareable, as well the content creators who are using Next Big for the first time can earn a token for their work.”

“In this way, the platforms will be a great investment for content creators in the digital space, while at just the same moment creating a more cost-effective platform for advertisers and content producers,” Levinson said.

The Next Big platform will also include an “ad-driven” platform where content creators will be incentivized to publish content in an “optimal way.”

The new platform, which was announced earlier this week, is expected to launch in the first half of 2019.

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