Which social media platforms are getting the most pushback from conservatives?

The social media platform platforms that are being singled out by conservatives are all facing some sort of backlash from their users.

While Facebook has received plenty of attention for its controversial decision to block conservative news sites, Twitter and Google+ have also received much criticism for their liberal stance on issues like gun control and LGBTQ rights.

Social media users have been taking to the platforms to express their dissatisfaction with their platforms and some even took to the sites to voice their anger.

Some users on Twitter have taken to Twitter to voice support for gun rights group The Coalition to Protect Gun Ownership (CPOGO) and gun manufacturer Colt.CPOGA has been working to raise awareness about the dangers of mass shootings, but the group has received some criticism from some users for their stance on gun control.

Twitter user @Manny_Mackay, for instance, called out CPOGO for their position on gun safety.

Twitter user @CindyLovesBirds said that while she didn’t like CPOGA’s stance on guns, she thought CPOGE was “being a little too harsh” in their stance.

@BirdsOnTheTunnel said she believed CPOG was being too harsh on gun owners for not wanting to “sell guns.”@MannyMackaid said she would not vote for CPOG or the NRA.

@Candy_Bunny wrote, “I’m a gun owner and I would never vote for either gun control organization.”

Twitter user #ChadMason said that CPOG has a “good record” on gun violence prevention.

Others have taken a different stance and have criticized Twitter for not taking gun control seriously.

One user tweeted, “Twitter needs to stop giving hate speech to their users, especially those who are gun owners.

They should be ashamed of themselves.”

Some Twitter users have also taken to the social media sites to express support for the NRA, saying they think the organization is “the most influential gun lobby in America.”

Some users have criticized social media companies for their lack of response to the criticism they have received.

@sherylmclay tweeted, “@twitter, you are being so insensitive to people who want to see more gun safety measures in your platform.”

Twitter user ChrisHanson, for example, posted, “@Twitter you are the most racist and intolerant platform on earth.”


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