Social media bullying: A new infographic by BBC News

The social media bullying epidemic has a new name.

Now known as the ‘Internet of Things’, the term refers to the devices, software and devices that can detect and monitor activity on social media, and the data that can be collected from these devices.

The term was coined by researchers at the University of Michigan in an infographic on bullying.

The infographic shows how social media can be used to target people for harassment.

It says that a social media app can also send data to the app maker and/or to a third-party vendor.

“Social media is one of the most powerful tools in the hands of bullying perpetrators,” the researchers wrote in the infographic.

“They use it to communicate to their victims, to target and target again.

They use it for personal gain.

And they can also be used by others to share their personal information about their target and make that public.”

The researchers say social media is now used by bullying perpetrators to harass people for the first time.

The term ‘Internet-of-Things’ was coined in a new research report by researchers from the University at Buffalo School of Business, the University, the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University.

The report outlines the ways that social media plays a role in bullying, and what social media companies can do to address the problem.

“There is a new wave of social media harassment, and we have seen the trend increase since the fall of 2016,” said John C. Lydon, the lead author of the report.

“But the problem is only getting worse.”

Social media has become a powerful tool for bullying.

In a recent survey of more than 100 people from across the country, more than a quarter of the respondents said they had used social media in some way to harass or harm people.

The research also found that more than one in five people who use social media have experienced online harassment.

The researchers said that social networking apps, which allow people to interact and share content on social networks, have also become a battleground for online bullying.

They also found many social media apps that offer anonymous user accounts are being used to bully people.

Social media apps are used to create and distribute online content.

This includes video, audio and text messages, image sharing and news stories.

The study found that people who were bullied online had more than doubled the chances of reporting a problem to their schools and higher rates of depression and anxiety.

Social platforms are increasingly being used by the bully, too.

More than two-thirds of students surveyed by the University and the Johns


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