How to make a social media video that has the right tone and content

Facebook is rolling out a new video format that can help it position its videos to engage with the broader social media community.

The video format, called Parley, lets users post content on their own social media accounts and then be notified when that content has been shared by a Facebook friend.

Parley will also be available on Facebook’s new app for Android and iOS.

Parley will have similar functionality to Facebook’s video platform, but will be more focused on being a shared video experience, not a shared content platform.

Parley is not a YouTube-style video app like Vine or Periscope.

Instead, users can upload videos and then invite a friend to “listen” to them.

When that friend does, they can then watch or record that video.

The content in the video can be shared on Facebook, and users can choose to share on their preferred platforms.

The Parley app, available today on the Android app and iOS app, will be available to users of all Facebook platforms in the coming weeks, a Facebook spokesperson told The Verge.

Parleys ability to connect directly with a friend without the need for a YouTube account has drawn the ire of some Facebook users, who see it as a way for the company to control the quality of its video content.

Facebook has already tried to address this with video content that has been made available to Facebook friends via YouTube, and has also said that it will use the same approach for Parley.

However, Facebook has not provided any examples of how Facebook’s content is going to be shared.

Facebook said that Parley would only be available for the app on Facebook for Android users.

In the meantime, Parley on iOS will only work for iPhone users.

Facebook said the Parley format will not replace its traditional video platform.

Rather, Parleys ability will let Facebook stream video content to its existing users in a more direct and direct way, the company said.

The company is already working to improve video on its video platform for iOS, which is being tested for the first time.


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