The catfish social networking site that’s been making waves in Melbourne

Posted February 13, 2018 12:13:47The social media platform catfish has seen its profile surge on social media and even sparked controversy in Melbourne, after it was revealed it had been running a ‘catfish-themed’ Facebook page.

The site, which lets people share catfish videos, pictures, memes and GIFs, is a joint venture between two companies that have been using the service to promote their own products.

Now, catfish’s owner, Nicky Wark, has been hit with a slew of online hate attacks, including death threats, after she launched the catfish-inspired Facebook page, which she called “an experiment in how to use the social network to promote a new product”.

“I created this page to experiment with a new form of advertising, and to explore how social networks can be used to create brand awareness and marketing campaigns,” Ms Wark said in a statement.

“The idea was to use social media to make people feel like they were part of a brand, rather than just a number on a screen.”

Ms Wark and her business partner, Andrew Gennaro, both have previous experience in marketing.

The social networking platform catfishes, catfishing, catfilters and catfish are all the rage in Melbourne.

Ms Walk told the Facebook page was created after she was approached by a Melbourne-based marketing company for a new catfish product, but it was not until she started using the site that she was able to launch her own business.

“I felt like it was a great opportunity to give back to my community by creating something new,” Ms Gennero said.

“We felt like a new market was opening up and this was the perfect opportunity for us to try to build something that would help promote our brand.”

Ms Gennoro said their first product, the catfisher, was a catfish that could catch catfish.

The product launched on the catfinder platform on February 12.

“When we launched it on the platform, people started commenting and commenting and then people were making comments about how it was an experiment and how it wasn’t really a catfish,” Ms Pannet said.

Ms Pannets Facebook page has been viewed more than 12,000 times.

“It was really, really positive, and it really helped bring people together,” Ms Fennets said.

The Facebook page launched in a bid to encourage catfishers to become catfished.

“Our catfish had been caught in the past by a man, and that was the first time we had seen any kind of reaction from the community,” Ms Sargeant said.

Social media trolls have been targeting Ms Walk and her catfish business, and a Facebook page called ‘catfishing catfish’ was set up in February to “praise” the company.

“This is the first of many catfishers we’re going to be making, so I’ll keep you posted on that,” Ms Dennet said, while the company is now looking to expand the cat fishing business.

Ms Gannaro said they are still “looking to grow” but said the “catfish community has grown in number and awareness”.

“We’re really looking forward to this new phase,” Ms Bannet added.



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