Facebook is investigating the spread of a virus after ‘suspicious’ posts on the social media site

A Facebook spokesman said the company had suspended a post that was linked to a Russian troll farm and was “under investigation” for spreading “unacceptable content.”

The post, which the company called “a fake news story,” said Facebook had suspended “one account that we’ve found to be spreading unapproved content.”

Facebook said it had notified Facebook users in the United States, Canada and the UK that the post had been flagged and removed.

Facebook is a big player in social media, but the company says it’s working to curb fake news and promote truth and accuracy in social sharing.

The post said the Russian government was spreading fake news about a US election and said that the US election would be “the biggest scam ever.”

“There are two sides to every story.

And that’s what happened in this case, as we see the Russian propaganda effort go viral and spread across the web,” the post said.

“It’s time to expose the Russian troll farms, which are now spreading a virulent strain of fake news on Facebook.

It’s time for the entire world to demand that Russia, and the Russian media, stop promoting lies, false news, misinformation and disinformation.”

Facebook is one of the main platforms for spreading fake stories and false propaganda on the Internet.

The company also has a social media platform called Stories that helps people find and share news and entertainment content.

Facebook says Stories will be rolled out across the platform as it begins to beef up its efforts to combat fake news.

Facebook said in a statement it had also notified the Russian embassy in Washington, D.C., and the US Embassy in London.

Facebook has a global team of about 1,000 people dedicated to combating fake news, including a team of Facebook employees in London, according to the company.


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