How to deal with the social media dilemma

When the social-media craze of the past few months kicked off, there was a lot of concern over how we all managed to get through the whole ordeal without going through the hassle of a lawyer.

The Irish Government has made it clear that it will not accept a social media lawyer. 

But what if I want to send a friend a link to a YouTube video? 

What if I don’t want to be on Facebook? 

Can I still make a social-communication video?

What if my family and friends all have to see it? 

If you’re wondering what your options are, there are some easy ways to deal. 

We asked a range of social media experts to help us navigate the social network dilemma. 

First, we asked Aidan O’Brien, managing partner at The Irish Legal Aid Society. 

“Social media is the new social, but it is also the old social,” he says.

“It’s a new thing that has not always been dealt with fairly and in the right way.”

He recommends that you first try to contact a lawyer or a social networking agency and ask if the legal or legal aid system can help you.

“It’s not always easy to get the proper advice from a social network, but you can ask a lot more questions if you have any concerns.”

A social-networking lawyer, or social-network specialist, will probably be able to offer you a more straightforward solution.

“The best way to resolve the situation is to get in touch with your local social media regulator and let them know what you’re going through,” says Mr O’Brian.

“They may have an idea of what’s going on and will be able, in some cases, to suggest a better way forward.” 

In the meantime, you can use the information above to find out how to get a social video lawyer.

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand what your rights are when it comes to social media and social media lawyers. 

To find out more about the Irish Legal Services (ILS) and its legal services, please see our full article on how to find a social networks lawyer.


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