‘Frozen’ star’s Twitter account suspended for ‘unethical’ tweets: report

Aussie actor, TV star and social media influencer Josh Thomas has been suspended from Twitter for his “unethical” tweets, the company has confirmed.

Twitter announced on Monday that it was taking action against the actor, who has since been identified by the ABC as Josh Thomas, who is best known for his roles on the ABC drama Scandal and the sitcom Blacklist.

“Twitter has informed Josh that he is no longer able to use our services for the time being,” the company said in a statement.

“We are very sorry for Josh’s experience and take it very seriously.”

The actor had previously used the social media platform to defend himself against allegations he had sexually harassed women, and the ABC has reported that he also tweeted about his family being “shattered”.

The actor has not been charged with any offence, but was also banned from Twitter’s public account.

Twitter declined to comment on whether it had suspended Mr Thomas, and Mr Thomas’s Twitter page is currently inaccessible.

He also denied any wrongdoing, and claimed he had been targeted by a “shadowy group” of people who “have been attempting to bully me”.

The company has been criticised for its handling of similar claims against prominent figures such as Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein and former US president Donald Trump.

A petition asking Twitter to ban the actor has garnered more than 11,000 signatures.

Mr Thomas has not tweeted since the suspension on Friday, and his tweets have not been removed from the site.

“I will not be silent.

I will not let this happen to me again,” Mr Thomas wrote on Twitter.

“The internet is full of people like me and this is how we make the world a better place.”

The ABC has not received a response to a request for comment.

Mr Trump’s former chief of staff, Reince Priebus, has also been suspended since the start of the year, after being accused of sexual harassment and abuse by dozens of women.

Twitter said it was “deeply saddened” by the news and that it had taken “active steps to address any potential misconduct”.

Twitter said its board of directors had agreed to adopt an “aggressive, proactive approach” to addressing harassment allegations against its employees.

It has also taken “aggressive and proactive steps” to address “harassment and abuse”, it added.


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