Twitter’s CEO: It’s not just me, Facebook, Instagram are ‘all over the map’

Twitter is moving beyond its current position as the premier social media platform, as it prepares to launch a new social network called Instagram.

On Monday, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey told investors that the social network will “not only be the dominant platform for social networking on the Internet, but it will be the platform of choice for the next 50 years.”

He said that “everybody’s on the same page” on the social networking platform’s future and that it is all about the future, and not the past.

“It is the most valuable company in the world.

If you can’t afford to lose it, you shouldn’t be in it,” Dorsey said at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.”

We’re not going to go back to the day where there were only Facebook, Twitter and Google, and everyone was a competitor.”

Dorsey said that the company will continue to make its product better by “working together with the right people to deliver a great product.”

We’re going to focus on doing the things that we love to do best and then we’re going do them better and more efficiently,” he said.”

I think the way you can build an awesome brand is by building great products that have a strong customer experience.”DORSEY WAS IN LA FOR THE CALENDAR AND SHOWS WITH FANSTERSThe Twitter CEO is a fan of the show, and he was in attendance at the annual Consumer Electronics show in Las Vega to show off his latest product, the “T-Mobile Plus,” an enhanced version of the smartphone with a better camera.”

You can feel confident in the T-Mobile plus because it’s not like other phones that are designed for texting and socializing, and it has a much better camera,” Dorseys Twitter account tweeted on Monday.”

And I think it’s going to be very successful,” he added.

Dorseys remarks come on the heels of the social media giant’s stock price plummeting on Monday, with the stock trading at less than $1 a share after trading at $7.10.”

In the last six months, Twitter has experienced a major market correction and has been hurt by this,” Dorr said in his remarks at the conference.DORR WAS IN LAS VEGAS TO SHOW OFF THE “TMO PLUS” PRODUCTThe Twitter founder said that he was “very excited” by the “tmo” product and said that it “is an exciting new addition to the company.””

We can’t wait to get started on this exciting product,” Dorreys statement reads.”

The new TMO Plus is the culmination of the TMO software suite, which is the largest, most innovative, most feature-rich product on the market,” the company added.”

Our mission is to create a world of powerful and ubiquitous social media and the Tmo Plus is an example of that vision,” Dorrian said.

The social network is also building “a powerful new product that will bring more value and excitement to consumers, businesses and governments by enabling users to connect, communicate and interact with people and organizations across the globe,” Dorras statement reads, adding that “this is our most ambitious product yet.””

Together, we are making a new Internet that will redefine the way we interact with one another,” Dorris statement continues.”

Today’s announcement is a clear signal to Twitter that we have something special on our hands,” Dorrus added.

The company’s shares have plunged in the last few days, and now have lost more than half their value in the past few days.

Twitter has already lost $30 million in a single day alone.

The Twitter IPO will be a rare occurrence in the social sharing platform world, as Facebook, Google, Instagram, and Microsoft have all gone public in the years leading up to its debut.


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