Why is the world’s social media icons all talking about a Facebook video?

It’s easy to forget that most of the social media stars of the world are not actually people.

The social media platforms themselves are, and are, a bunch of fake companies that pretend to be real people.

The fact is that most social media users aren’t real people, they’re fake people who are just trying to get more likes on their posts.

They’re just trying too hard to be “cool” or “popular,” and they’re just pretending to be celebrities, right?

They’re not celebrities, though.

They don’t have to be.

Social media stars don’t even have to really have any sort of interest in the topics that they talk about.

They just want to get people to click on their videos.

In fact, the more attention they get, the better their chances of becoming famous.

The problem is that, to an outsider, these celebrities are really just a bunch inauthentic people trying to do their thing.

Their main goal is to gain more likes for their videos, and that’s all they really care about.

It’s just a way to get some attention and social media is all about getting attention.

If you don’t care about the social-media icons you’re watching, it’s not going to make much difference if they’re talking about how they’re going to “save the planet,” or about how much they want to “beat the world” or how they want the world to be better.

All of that is irrelevant.

If the social icons are doing something they care about, they will say things like: “You are the real world.

I am the future.

The world is going to be a better place with you.

I love you.

Thank you.”

They’re doing the same thing that people do in real life, that people really care a lot about.

That’s why, in a sense, it is a bit ironic that celebrities are all talking a lot more about the things that they care the most about, like, “Let’s build a world where everyone has the right to health care, equal opportunity for all, and an economy based on fairness and compassion for everyone.”

The fact of the matter is that celebrities don’t actually have to care about anything.

They want to be liked.

They care about getting more followers, but they don’t need to care much about those things.

The point is that their main goal in life is to get attention and make money, and they do that by creating and maintaining fake people, like Facebook’s fake people.

When we talk about celebrities, we’re not talking about celebrities who are doing real things, like being an actor or a singer.

We’re talking here about celebrities doing things they care a whole lot about, such as creating fake celebrities and posting videos on their fake accounts.

In other words, if the celebrities aren’t actually real people who care about their subjects, it makes sense to focus on their “social media” icons.


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