How to get the most out of Twitter’s social media features – The social media network is getting ready to release a new feature that allows users to share links, videos and other media directly from their social media feeds.

The new feature is called “Share to Twitter” and it allows users with a Twitter account to share a link directly to their profile page without having to login.

Users can share links from Twitter to a Twitter page from within their Twitter profile, and can also post videos directly from a video feed.

Users will have the option to also add their own photos and video.

Twitter said the new feature will be rolled out to users starting today.

“The ability to share content directly from your Twitter profile directly to Twitter is an exciting new feature for our users and an important way to engage with the Twitter community,” said Alex MacGregor, general manager of the Twitter account for Twitter, in a blog post.

“Share on Twitter allows people to share their stories, pictures, and videos directly to friends or followers, and the ability to add more content to their account will allow us to grow the reach of our content on Twitter even more.”

Twitter users can share content from their Twitter profiles directly to other users’ Twitter pages, without having the ability or knowledge of the other user to do so.

“Twitter is home to a diverse and vibrant community of fans, creators, and influencers,” MacGregion wrote.

“This is a powerful new way for users to connect and share content, and we look forward to rolling out this new feature with more users in the coming months.”

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