What’s happening on Facebook and Twitter?

The social media industry is experiencing its own “Twitter moment” after several big social media companies including Twitter and Facebook announced changes that will allow users to share their stories, photos, videos, and more with their friends.

The move follows several public demonstrations and lawsuits that have threatened to shut down Facebook, Twitter, and other big social networks.

The social media sites have become the focal point for online protests and social movements in recent years, and the protests have been fueled by the recent killing of Michael Brown, an unarmed black man who was killed by a white police officer.

The companies have acknowledged that some of the protests are fueled by racism and said they want to create more diversity in the sites’ content.

But, many people see the companies’ efforts as a way to silence people who do not share their opinions.

A new report from The Washington Report on Media and Democracy says that nearly two-thirds of Americans believe that “fake news” or fake news stories are “very or somewhat” or “mostly” true.

The report also found that a quarter of Americans said that “Facebook and Twitter are helping to promote hate and violence,” while another quarter said they are doing so to help promote “safe spaces” for people who are politically incorrect.

Facebook, which has more than a billion users, said in a statement that its users are increasingly being asked to engage in political speech on its platform.

The company added that its efforts are aimed at preventing fake news and harassment on the platform, and has worked to make the platforms more diverse.

But some say that some have complained that the company’s goal of diversity has been undermined by the fact that some content is not accessible to users of Facebook and other social media platforms.

“If you’re a journalist who’s writing about social media, Facebook is not your friend,” said Jennifer Cram, a professor of media at Washington University in St. Louis and a former editor at the online news site The Washington Times.

“You’re not getting the news in your inbox from the Facebook account.

Facebook is giving you a list of what you can post on Facebook.

You’re not able to see the news from the site that you wrote about.

It’s a real shame.”

The Washington Report’s report on social media says that while Facebook’s efforts to help protect users have been welcomed by some, the company has faced backlash.

The company has been accused of targeting news outlets that disagree with its agenda, such as conservative news sites and publications that don’t agree with the company on social issues.

The report says Facebook’s “news team” has tried to discourage reporters and activists from challenging the company, even after the company admitted that it created fake news reports about protesters.

The Facebook post comes after two major demonstrations on Thursday, which were organized by Black Lives Matter, which calls for the deaths of police officers who are killed by black men, and Black Lives Matters New York.

The events sparked protests in New York, Philadelphia, and San Francisco.

Facebook said in its statement that it was “committed to improving our communities and working with community leaders to address systemic racism, poverty, and inequality.”

“We are always working to improve our community engagement tools and processes, and we’ll continue to listen to community feedback,” the company said.

The Washington Post’s report also said that the companies have made some progress toward increasing the diversity of their news content, but that the issue remains complicated.

The issue is that many people, particularly in the United States, believe that the stories that Facebook and others publish are all about race, according to the report.

The Times, which also reported on the issue, reported that Facebook is also taking steps to reduce hate speech.

It has begun banning hate speech from the platform and is also creating a team that will work with its users to help identify and remove racist content.

The Post reported that some news organizations have begun to report on Facebook’s actions.

In a recent report on the matter, the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Examiner wrote that Facebook’s move to ban hate speech on the social media site had caused some news outlets to take action.

The Washington Daily News, for example, posted a video on YouTube that was pulled from Facebook.

But the paper said it was not necessarily the first time that Facebook has tried and failed to combat hate speech by publishing stories that are “offensive and/or inflammatory,” or are “disparaging to others.”

The paper said Facebook has made progress in its efforts to combat racism, but said it still has “a long way to go.”


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