What you need to know about China’s social media crackdown

The People’s Republic of China is cracking down on Chinese social media users who use social media as an avenue for political dissent, and there’s no easy way to get around it.

The country’s censors have shut down more than 20 million social media accounts since December, and some of those accounts have been shut down entirely.

But even if you’re not actively using a platform that is blocked by the government, it’s still possible to get in touch with friends and family by using social media.

That’s because China has the world’s most sophisticated and pervasive social media platforms, with a network of more than 60 million users, including tens of millions of verified accounts.

The government has shut down thousands of accounts over the past year, with many of the accounts shut down because they were used for political activities.

The government says it’s not targeting anyone, but the number of verified account shutdowns is likely much higher.

The country has said it is cracking up “fake news” and “illegal” content on social media sites.

Many social media companies have been reluctant to give up their accounts to the authorities, as they fear the crackdown could affect their business and threaten their ability to continue operating in China.

The crackdown is not limited to Chinese social networks.

Other companies have said they’ve also been targeted by the authorities.

Some of the social media restrictions were made clear on Monday in a statement from Facebook, which said the company is reviewing its policies and policies and will take further actions if needed.

Facebook said in the statement that it is committed to free expression and has long supported the right of all its users to engage in free expression online.

“We continue to do so because we value our users’ trust and have a responsibility to protect them,” the statement said.

In a blog post, the company said that it was reviewing its platform to make sure that it doesn’t encourage the use of fake accounts and accounts that have been banned by the country’s government.


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