‘We don’t know if we can trust the system’: How Facebook’s fake news problem has become a global threat

Facebook and other social media platforms are scrambling to combat the rise of fake news in an effort to prevent it from spreading unchecked.

But many analysts say the company has struggled to keep up with the rapid growth of the problem.

We don: What we know about Facebook’s data breaches and the data security risks it faces from them.

The data breach that caused news feeds to be taken down.

What we don: How Facebook is trying to fix its problem.

What’s next for the social media giant?

The growing popularity of fake content on the social network has caused concern among security experts who have warned that it poses a significant security risk to its users.

Facebook has faced a number of data breaches in recent months, including a hack in December that exposed the personal information of nearly 1 billion users.

The company has since announced plans to upgrade its security procedures to better protect users and has been trying to clamp down on the spread of fake and spam stories.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg told The Associated Press in December he is “not at all worried” about fake news on the platform, saying the problem “is a global problem and it will only get worse.”

But the problem has caused problems for Facebook in the United States, where fake news has become increasingly common.

The Washington Post reported in November that Facebook had received hundreds of thousands of bogus “pink slips” in recent weeks, including fake news stories that appeared to show Democrats had lost the presidential election to President Donald Trump.

According to data from data analytics company Optimal Security, fake news was one of the top three types of malicious activity in the U.S. in the third quarter of 2018, behind terrorism and fraud.

It was followed by phishing and spam, the company reported.


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