Social media jobs for techies: Facebook’s new VP of Global Content gets the job

Facebook has hired the first woman to lead its global content strategy, the company announced Thursday.

Mary Anne Watson, who is also a former VP of global product at Google and a former vice president of content at Apple, will join the social media group in mid-November.

Facebook said she will focus on creating and curating content and will be responsible for the organization’s digital and content-focused operations across the world.

Watson will oversee the global team of global editors, editors and reporters who are responsible for managing content and developing stories, as well as its global operations.

Watson is the first VP of content in Facebook’s history.

She previously worked at Google, where she was head of its content team.

Watson was named a Global Vice President of Content in January, after taking the job from Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer.

Facebook has been steadily ramping up its content strategy in recent years, especially in the areas of news and community.

It has created an extensive team of news writers, curators, and writers who manage the social and news content.

Zuckerberg recently announced that he will lead a team of 50 people to curate and curate Facebook’s social content.

He also said that Facebook would be launching a new group dedicated to social media news and features, called “The News Team.”

Zuckerberg and his team also announced a number of changes to the company’s business model and a new team of digital content producers.


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