How to avoid Twitter ads for drugs

Twitter is cracking down on fake accounts that try to peddle illegal drugs.

The social media company says that if you’re using Twitter to buy or sell drugs, you should check your ads to see if they are promoting drugs or not.

In fact, Twitter says it doesn’t track the ads and won’t be able to tell you if you have been caught selling drugs.

In an update on Wednesday, Twitter said it will stop allowing ads on accounts that “contain misleading, deceptive, or inappropriate content” and will “stop all advertising on accounts containing these kinds of ads.”

It says it’s also banning all “misleading or deceptive advertising.”

The company is also banning any account that posts “a tweet that is more than 10 characters in length.”

And the company is banning any tweet that includes “a direct link to another tweet.”

“We’ve seen a lot of people using Twitter for drugs, and a lot more are getting caught,” said Jason Wargo, Twitter’s head of global public policy and advocacy.

“So we’re going to try to crack down on those folks and we’re taking a lot out of the equation as a consequence.”

Twitter says the changes won’t go into effect immediately.

They’re also not rolling out the new policy yet.

Twitter has already been cracking down this year on bot accounts that use fake accounts to make money off of fake news and other content, and has also cracked down on accounts for spamming.

This is the first time the company has implemented a similar policy for drugs on Twitter.

Facebook has also had a drug-related ban in place for the last few years.

The company said that while it has had a ban on fake drug accounts for the past year, the company “will continue to use the same rules to ensure that we keep users safe.”

In an earlier update, Facebook said it had removed about 1.7 million accounts from its platform that have been promoting illegal drugs, but “we are working with Twitter to improve the way we flag accounts and help users identify if they have been flagged by us.”


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