When your computer and the internet go down

A computer that has to go offline because of a power outage might not even know it is down until the power goes out and it is unable to get internet connectivity.

That is because a computer system or network is not an independent unit that can automatically shut down when the power is cut.

So, the computer system can’t automatically shut itself down or the internet down as the power grid does.

That’s why the internet is not supposed to go down for several hours every day, according to the National Energy Board, which has recommended that computers and other devices in the US be turned off in the event of a crisis.

The energy regulator said that when computers and internet are not in use, the National Electric Power Board would step in to restore service as needed.

But the regulator did not specify when or how long the devices should be turned back on.

What are the biggest problems facing the internet in the UK?

The UK has been hit hard by a number of major power outages.

At the start of the year, power was down in all of the country’s 28 towns and cities.

In some of the most remote places in the country, the power was completely shut off.

The outage prompted fears of a major power shortage across the country.

The National Grid said that it was unable to provide electricity to all households as a result of the power outage, and that it would continue to monitor the situation.

What are the UK’s other major power issues?

The most recent major power outage was caused by an ice storm that hit the North Sea earlier this month.

In the early hours of February 2, the North East of England was hit by a snowstorm that dumped nearly 4.4m tonnes of snow on the region.

The weather system caused power outage in parts of the UK for hours and caused significant delays to traffic and services.


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