This is what it takes to create a top-notch social app for your friends

Posted by The Verge on November 13, 2018 07:25:16While Instagram has always been one of the most popular and versatile apps for sharing photos and videos, it was only a matter of time before Instagram was able to take the next step.

The company launched a new social app, Instagram Stories, earlier this month, but it’s been pretty limited so far.

Instagram says that it is now ready to take its social media reach to the next level, with an app that’s designed to make Instagram Stories one of its most popular apps.

The Instagram Stories app has been in beta for a while, but today it’s officially launched on iOS.

The app has a slew of new features, like the ability to share photos and video in a group, and a built-in camera app that lets users capture and share photos.

These features will be useful for those who want to share more than just photos, but also videos, in their own communities.

The new Instagram Stories feature, like most other features, has been carefully crafted.

Users can see a short video clip that shows off the features they’re looking for, and if they select a photo to add, they can see how it looks with the new photo.

When you select a video to share, the app will automatically take a photo of the photo, then send it to your Instagram account.

When the photo is shared on Instagram, the caption and the name of the image will appear at the bottom of the video.

For the most part, Instagram is working to make the app more useful to those who aren’t already using the app.

While some of the features that the app offers are unique to Instagram Stories for the time being, others are common features that will be available in the future.

The ability to add and share your own videos has also been added to the app, and the new video editor will allow users to add video clips to their Instagram Stories posts.

There’s also a new option that lets you create custom video clips from photos.

In addition to its new features and ease of use, Instagram also announced a few new features for its other social network, Vine.

Vine will get a few updates to its interface, too.

Previously, Vine had to use a separate app to post videos.

Now, it will just show the video in the Instagram app.

It’s a similar update to the Instagram Stories experience, with the ability for users to share a video clip and add a caption.

This feature will also be available to Vine’s users who don’t already have the app installed.

Another new feature for Vine is the ability of its users to set a new profile.

Users who already have a Vine account can set a profile and use it to post their own videos and pictures to the site.

This lets users create their own profiles and post videos and photos to Vine as well.

Vine’s new features are great, but there are a few things that need to be addressed first.

For example, the ability and ability to upload images to Instagram and post them to Vine doesn’t seem to work yet.

Other features, such as the ability or ability to post a photo, may not be available for a few months.

The new feature that will allow you to create custom videos is one of these things.

Another thing that needs to be fixed is the inability to save photos.

Instagram Stories doesn’t allow you upload a photo if you don’t want it to be included in a video.

The Instagram Photos feature, on the other hand, allows you to upload and share a photo and then save it to Instagram, but not automatically save it as a photo.

It would be nice if Instagram had a way to automatically save images that are saved on your device to your device, so that you can share them in a new video with your friends.

Videos can be deleted after a short period of time, and users who have uploaded videos can delete them from their accounts.

Instagram’s new camera feature, however, is limited to users who can see it.

If you don, you will have to enable the feature in your account settings.


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